[VIDEO] Benji Enjoys His Introduction To Swimming At The Beach


This is a video of Benji enjoying his introduction to swimming at the beach.  His parents are very wise in progressively introducing him to different aspects of swimming even before they take him to the beach.

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While at home, they got Benji accustomed to the feel of having a life jacket for dogs around him. Then by the time they are actually at the beach, Benji is already familiar with the feel of a life jacket.  Watch how his parents keep Benji at the shallow end.  He can touch the ground, so he is not frightened by the new sensation of the water.  And with a handle on the life jacket, it would be easy to scoop him up if needed.  Mom is also prepared with fresh water for Benji.  When dogs are swimming in salt water, it’s easy to get some of that into their mouth.  And they can get dehydrated.  Benji was also running quite a bit, so Mom is wise to keep Benji hydrated with fresh water.

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If you are introducing your dog to swimming at the beach, do it progressively.  Here are some ideas via Outside Online on a smooth and successful introduction.  First, do not toss your dog into the water or force him into the water.  You want this to be a pleasant experience so he looks forward to it in the future.  Even before you take him to the beach, make sure he has basic obedience to make this a safe experience for him.  Walk into the water with your pup, but only in the shallow part where he can stand.  Usually dogs don’t like to be left on the shore while you are out in the water.  Start with a few heel session.  This way, the focus is on the heel, and not on the water.  Your puppy is already familiar with heel work, so he is relaxed while being in shallow water.  When you see that your dog is relaxed, you can have him retrieve his toy.  But make sure that there are no deep holes nearby that he can accidentally lose his footing and get scared.  After a few games of retrieving his toy at elbow-deep water, he probably doesn’t even think about the water anymore.  If you notice your pup doesn’t want to swim, there are a few ideas in this article.  You can read about them here.  Enjoy watching Benji on his first swimming adventure.

Article source:  via Outside Online




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