[VIDEO] Norbert Shows Us Several Tricks He Knows


In this video, Norbert shows us several tricks he knows.  He can kiss, high-five, turn around.  He probably knows more, but this is a rather short video.  He is the only dog I’ve watched that takes his time chewing on his treats.  And the most adorable way of chewing!  Norbert’s Mom found him on Petfinder when he was 4 months old.  She’s been searching for her very first dog for about a year and a half before she saw Norbert’s photo on Petfinder.  She had the feeling right then that this was going to be her dog.  Over the years, Norbert’s fame has grown over the internet.  Just look at that face!

CLICK for more colors---cozy and soft slippers for women
CLICK for more colors—cozy and soft slippers for women

His Mom, Julie, wants to do more good in the world through Norbert.  So one of those contributions is helping Norbert become a therapy dog.  Just imagine sitting in a hospital bed, and seeing a smiling Norbert walk into your room!  He’s the medicine for the day!  Another contribution Julie made through Norbert is creating a plush toy that looks like Norbert to partner with Toys for Tots.  For every plush toy purchased, Julie donates one to a child in need through Toys for Tots.  Another good deed that Norbert does is for his mom.  Norbert and Julie were invited to be on the Home And Family Show in L.A.  She and the co-host Mark Steines fell in love.  So Norbert brought these two together.  A touching story that Julie shared about Norbert’s work as a therapy dog was answering a request for a woman who was getting chemotherapy on her birthday.  Her daughter emailed Julie and asked for a visit from Norbert.  Julie drove two and a half hours to surprise the woman on her birthday.  Just imagine how this woman felt when she saw Norbert walking into her hospital room.   Thank you, Norbert and Julie!


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