[VIDEO] Boo The Pomeranian In His Favorite Activities


In this video, we get to see Boo the Pomeranian in his favorite activities. ¬†Licking his lips, napping, eager to put on his fashionable clothes (because they keep him warm. ūüôā ) ¬†If you are not familiar with Boo, he is a Teacup Pomeranian who has been called the cutest dog on the internet.

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About BOO the Pomeranian

Besides that adorable face, one of the reasons for his fame is his haircut. ¬†Another is his clothes. According to Boo The Dog, Boo wears a different outfit everyday except for Wednesdays, when he wears his own dog coat. ¬† By the way, if you’ve been wondering about Boo’s hairstyle, there is a story to it. ¬†Boo’s hair texture is different in that it is coarse and thick. ¬†When his fur got matted, his mom couldn’t find a grooming product that would work for him, so that’s how Boo got his hair shaved, and his face hair trimmed. ¬†THIS turns out to give BOO his distinguished look. ¬†And it continues to be the hairstyle for Boo. ¬†Besides, the haircut goes really well with all his outfits.

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Boo lives in San Francisco. ¬†Boo wears boots on rainy days, and hot days, and also when he has to walk on ground that is too rough for his pads to walk on.¬† He has an older brother, Buddy, also a Pomeranian. ¬†You’ll see him with Buddy in the video. ¬†Just a couple of years ago, Boo and Buddy got a new little brother–a Golden Retriever named Sir Blueberry Pie (Blue for short.) ¬†Of the three, Boo is the most famous. ¬†It only took a few celebrity mentions and tweets for Boo to get his first million fans on Facebook. ¬†He has over 17 million fans. ¬†Boo’s owner helps many charities through Boo’s fame, using his birthdays to raise funds for very worthwhile causes. ¬†You can read more about Boo here.¬†¬†Enjoy watching Boo in his favorite activities.

Image source:  via Flickr

Article source:  Boo The Dog


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